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First Friday Trivia

I am introducing First Friday Trivia, centered mainly around the counties located here in Kentucky.  The county level is where all foreclosures occur, so knowing more about a county where you live or where you may wish to buy investment property is vital.  Here is the introductory trivia, going county by county.

Also, I’m going through the counties in a particular order, if you are the first person to leave a comment with the correct order, we’ll see if we have something to give away to make it worth your while.  And, if you have some good local trivia about your own county, drop a comment.


“Counties are the largest administrative division in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Kentucky itself was once a separate county of Virginia.  In the early days, Kentucky was known as Fincastle County; it later became Kentucky County in 1776.”  (1)  There are 120 counties across Kentucky.

Starting with the first up in alphabetical order:

Adair County – Legendary Western Kentucky University Coach Ed Diddle was born in Adair County in 1895. (2)

Boyd County – The county was named for Linn Boyd, who had served as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.  He was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1859, but died before his term was to begin.  (3)

Campbell County – Prohibition gave rise to syndicated crime in Covington and Newport.  [Newport] was a major headquarters for big-time gambling.  Eventually a reform movement was successful in the 1960’s. (4)

Crittenden County – was once one of the nation’s largest producers of fluorspar.* (5)

Franklin County – The early 19th century was a time for growth and prosperity in Franklin County.  The Marquis de Lafayette visited in May, 1825. (6)

Harlan County – On the southern border lies the Great Stone or Cumberland Mountain, surmounted by a stupendous rock one mile long and 600 feet high. (7)

Jessamine County – Camp Nelson, U.S. Military Cemetery was established in 1863. (8)

Leslie County – Hyden, the county seat, is home to the Frontier Nursing Service, a health service organization founded by Mary Breckinridge in 1925. (9)

Marion County – Maker’s Mark Distillery is the oldest continuously-0perated distiller in America.  (10)

Mercer County – General Hugh Mercer, of Virginia, from whom this county received its name, was native of Scotland, and graduated at an early age in the science of medicine. . . . In the Indian war of 1755, he served as a captain under Washington. (11)

Oldham County – Credited as being one of the greatest film producers of all time, D.W. Griffith was born in 1875 in Oldham County. (12)

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